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VHF UHF contacts between July and December 2017

July 2017

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W, wspr = 5W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
02/07/17 JT65: ea3gjo (in72)
07/07/17 JT65: m0iep (io91)
18/07/17 JT65: I heard un8gc (mn83, 5348km) with a signal of -15db
18/07/17 wspr: I was heard by oy1of (ip62) and cn8li (im63)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
04/07/17 SSB:  g4cla (io92, 355km), g4wjs (io91), m0bra (io91), pa5y (jo21), g0gda (jo01), m1mhz (io92), g0gqt (jo01), g4ldl/p (io91, 362km), g7ull (jo01), m0rkx (io92, 382km), g3meh (io91, 292km), g4pvm (jo01), m0cgl (jo03, 328km), g8xyj/p (io82, 437km)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
11/07/17 SSB: g4cla io92, 355km), g4nbs (jo02, 267km)


August 2017

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
SSB: ea7jur (im87)
jt65 (5watts): ur5gkd (kn66), ct1gvn (im67)
SSB: ea3vl (jn00), f5ivp/p (jn05), f1sjx (in93), ea1aha (in73), ea1iqm (in52), ea1dfp (in53)
cw: 9a2ds (jn83), s53oq (jn76), ha3hk (jn86)
ssb: Italian contest: is0bsr (jn49), it9bly (jm78), it9bdm (jm77), oq7yp (jn80), iq9bf (jm77), it9aak (jm77), iw0cuk jm62), iz7vpk (jn80), iw0hle (jn62), i0fhz (jn62), it9ewljm78), iz8jai (jm78)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
01/08/17: SSB: g0gda (jo01), g4cla (io92, 355km), g8fuo (io91), g4czp/p (io90, 332km), g3meh (io91), m0dxr/p (jo01)
12 & 13/08/17 msk144 perseids:  there were no callsigns or locators, only reports,

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
08/08/17 SSB: g4cla (io92, 355km), g4ztr (jo01), g3xdy (jo02)

September 2017

In the month of November I will be active again with OP8NT remembering the 1st WW. More info at:

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
SSB: es6qc (ko37), sa5a (jp80), sm4kyn (jo69), sa3bin (jp82)
CW: oh3yp (kp20), lz1ag (kn22), oh1mlz (kp23), sa5a (jp80), oh3rb (kp10), oh0z (eu-002, jp90), sq5jup (ko02), 9a2v (jn86), sm3nxs (jp82), la9bm (jp40), of5za (kp21), sv3bsf/b (heard km08), la7dfa (jp33), ei5kg (io62)
JT65: ur5wa (kn29)
PSK31: gm4zmk (io75)
SSB: oh5lk (kp30)
CW: oh5lk (kp30), f5cel (jn29), of3bcx (kp20)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
02/09/17  IARU R1 contest SSB: g8t (jo01), g5rs/p (jo00), g0vhf/p (jo01), m0hrf/p (io91, 302km), m4t (io91, 312km), g3m (jo01), g8w (io90, 332km), g8p (jo01), g5b (jo03, 325km), m4a (jo02), g1wks/p (jo01), m0gto/p (jo02), f6hpp/p (jn19), g2xv/p (jo02)
03/09/17  IARU R1 contest SSB: dr9a (jn48, 443km), dl0gth (jo50, 517km), dr2x (jo40, 421km), dk1vc (jo31), da0ff (jo40, 462km), dl0gl (jo31), pa1t (jo33, 328km), pi4m (jo33, 280km), do2jcb (jn49, heard in local qso), dm8mm (jo31)
05/09/17 SSB: g4fev (io92, 305km), m0dxr/p (jo01), m0gto/p (jo01), g8fuo (io91), m0wyb (io81, 413km), m0vxx/p (io82, 445km), g0gqt (jo01), g4oda (io92, 307km), m0cgl (jo03, 328km)

October 2017:

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
15, 17 & 18/10/17: the Dutch beacon PI7SIX (jo21fv) in Rotterdam on 50.425Mhz was very strong during those days, but not many activity...
16/10/17: SSB: ea7jur (im87), eb5gc (im97), ea3ayq(jn11), it9tvf (jm68), ea5rj (im98), ig9/i2adn (jm65, af-019 Isole Pelagie), ea5hzb (im97)
CW: it9rzr (jm76)
CW beacons heard: ed6yai/b (jm19), cs5bla/p (im57, 2,5watts in dip)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
03/10/17 SSB: m0bra (io91), g3ydy (jo01), g4jed/p (jo01), g4cla (io92, 355km), g3pye/p (jo02), g4oda (io92, 307km), g4irc (jo02), 2e0ney (io81, 396km), m1mhz (io92, 316km)
Quiet difficult condx, heard but didn't work: gw8asd (io83, 494km),  g8cul (io91), g7lrq (io91), m0vxx/p (io82), g4ldl/p (io91)

15/10/17 Splendid indian summerday with 24C and excellent condx. I was participating in the UBA ON contest, in the QRP section (10watts+5el LPDA), from 0700 to 1000Z and was called by the following stations: dl2om (jo30), do7dac (jo31, 312km), pb7wq (jo22), df7wl (jo30, 300km), df0mu (jo32), f4fcw (jn38, 351km, on the side of my beam), oz3z (jo55, 650km!), dl1yaw (jo42, 391km), do1dcc (jo31), pd4hw (jo21), do1djj/p (jo30), dp9x (jo42, 425km), dj0qz (jn49, 428km), dl8yau (jo41, 365km), df9oe (jo42, 375km),  

After the contest I worked different stations during the day, in between being outside enjoying the excellent weather: dg1kdo (jo31), gw7smw (io81, 454km), gw1cuq (io81, 471km, 50watts), g8rwg (io91), g3rgs (jo01), m0hlb (jo01, 200km, same workingcondx like me 25w and 5el)

31/10/17 SSB in the evening: f1nzc (jn15, 598km), ea2xr (in83, 993km), f0elq (jn08, 313km), f6dbi (in88, 570km), g0pek (jo01), f6fgq (in78, 653km), g1nox (jo01), m6pwd (jo00), g3smt (io82, 492km), m0wgf (jo01), g4kvt (io81 419km), g3uda (io82, 463km), gw8jly (heard, io81, 465km)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
10/10/17 SSB: g3ydy (jo01), m0baa/p (jo01), g4fev (io92, 305km), g7lrq (io91), g3xdy (jo02), g8/cul (io91, 329km), m1mhz (io92, 316km), g4oda (io92, 307km)

November 2017:

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
01/11/17 SSB excellent conditions continuing from the previous month with: 2w0jyn (io83, 492km), m0cgl (jo03, 328km), m5aeh(jo02), f6hpp/p (jn19)
07/11/17 SSB: m0dxr/p (jo01), g4ztr (jo01), g4ldl/p (io91, 362km), g4oda (io92), g6ubm (jo01)
Very difficult conditions, I also heard but was unable to work g0gda (jo01), g0tar (jo01), g1ofw (io91, 285km), g3meh (io91, 292km), m0mdy (io93, 410km), g3ydy (jo01), g4ypc (io91, 279km), m1mhz (io92, 316km), g4asr (io81, 454km)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
14/11/17 SSB: g3xdy (jo02), g3pye/p (jo02, 254km), g4fev (io92, 305km), g4oda (io92, 307km)


December 2017

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
27/12/17: SSB: oe2ukl (jn68), 9a5rj (jn86), iv3skb (jn66), ik5pwq (jn53), ea5rj (im98), ik5rlp (jn52), ik6otb (jn72),
CW: is0gqt (jm49, eu-024)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
05/12/17 SSB:  Good condx with a lot of activities
m1mhz (io92, 316km), g3meh (io91), g3zig (jo02), m0bra (io91), g4cla (io92), g3pye/p (jo02), g4rul/p (jo00), g0pek (jo01), g4oda (io92, 307km), g3ydy (jo01), g0gqt jo01), g4irc (jo02), g4fev (io92, 305km), g6ubm (jo01)
I heard the following stations, but was unable to work them: g3uda (io82, 463km), m0cgl (jo03, 328km), g3sqq (io93, 388km)
14/12/17: Geminids only SWLing on FSK441 and saw bursts from yu7ms (kn05), lz2fo/2 (kn14) and also tropo from gw4hdf (io81), g4tra (io81), m0wgf (jo01) and f6ape (in97) with my 5el lpda in the direction of the UK... (snow on the balcony... too dangerous).

26/12/17: g3meh (io91).
I heard g4tra (io81, 391km) calling CQ for EME contacts in JT65B
27/12/17: g0bbb (io91)
29/12/17: m0cgl (jo03, 328km)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
12/12/17 SSB: g3xdy (jo02), g4oda (io92, 307km)
I heard the following stations, but was unable to work them: g3meh (io91), g7lrq (io91)


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