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Satellite contacts between January and June  2018

February 2018
AO-85 Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
07/02/18: g0iiq (io93)


January 2018
AO-85 Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
23/01/18 mi6gty (io64)
31/01/18: SSTV at pass of 17.30 utc i heard SSTV signals, however to weak to decode, only some syncs...
"Experimenter’s Wednesday: Users are invited to send Robot36 SSTV mode via the FM repeater on AO-85 during UTC Wednesdays. Please identify prior to beginning transmissions, and only send when the uplink is clear.
Stations are requested to only uplink if they have a reasonable expectation of maintaining a full-quieting signal for the duration of the image transmission. Smaller stations are encouraged to focus on receiving the images.
Please don’t send questionable or provocative images. If in doubt, pick another one. Expect all ages to be participating."


March 2018

AO-92 Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
22/03/18: on4cjq (jo21)


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