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Working conditions for VHF & UHF

My working conditions for working VHF & UHF are as follows:


YEASU FT-736R Full duplex, all mode radio

ICOM ID-51E Including D-STAR

KENWOOD TH-F7E For FM, WFM, AM, CW and SSB uptill 470Mhz and FM & AM until 1.3Ghz!

WOUXUN KG-UV9D (Plus)  Full duplex and 2,5 Khz steps


Diamond V-2000 For 50, 144 & 430 Mhz

WIMO 5 element LPDA antenna for 144 & 430 Mhz






















I'm using Linuxmint for different activities:

- logbook: CQRLOG

- Digital modes: FLDIGI, WSPR, JT65/JT9, ...

- Satellite tracking PASS, GPREDICT...

- ...

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