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Ariss Schoolcontacts

How it started?

In August 2015 we did an experiment to see if we could receive a ARISS school contact at our local radio club ALT. It worked! With the Arrow antenna from ON7TC and my small Kenwood portabel TH-F7 We could hear the contact loud and clear! For me this was the beginning of my interest in satellites and ARISS. If I have the change, I try to listen to school contact....

At the pictures you will see some members from our radio club ON7DR, ON7TC ON2NL, ON4?? and myself ON8NT listening and afterwards discussing this nice experiment...

A list of ARISS schoolcontacts received at my Radiostation:

Between July and December 2018

Between January and June 2018

Between July and December 2017

Between January and June 2017


For more information on ARISS Europe, click on the logo:

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