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The Shielded loop

Description of the shielded loop antenna: A loop antenna for reception of the 1.6 Mhz to 4.5 Mhz band, including the 160 meter and 80 meter amateur-radio bands, and the broadcast bands on 120, 90 and 60 meters. It is written in the Dutch language, my mother-tongue.

This article first appeared in the May 1986 issue of CQ-QSO of the Belgian amateur radio society UBA, and later in Electron from the Dutch amateur society VERON.


Receiving SSTV pictures from the ISS.

On the ISS nearly all astronauts and Cosmonauts have a amateur radio licence as part of their "space" training. There are regular 'schoolcontacts' going on where members of the crew on the ISS talks to a group of youngsters.
A less known fact is that crew-members on the ISS are also transmitting SSTV pictures several times a year. Those transmissions are announced in advance through different channels like f.e. the AMSAT UK website.
Those pictures can be received and decoded by a simple receiver, antenna and software...


aprs 40m js8.png

JS8CALL: The mode with a difference!
JS8CALL by Jordan KN4CRD is not yet formally released, but now DX stations are embracing and it is fun!
“The idea with JS8Call is to take the robustness of FT8 mode and layer on a messaging and network protocol for weak signal communication on HF with a keyboard-to-keyboard interface.


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