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Castle on the air Activation of the Castle of Poeke 2017

On 23 April 2017 The Radioclub from Aalter (ALT), in cooperation with the local heritage association and with a local socio-cultural association called PASAR, organised a special castle activation in the Castle of Poeke with the special callsign ON8ALT/P.

We were mostly active on 40 meters and a little bit of 20 meters. Conditions were really bad, but we managed to work 88 stations in 18 different countries.








The activation takes place in the framework of the Flemish Heritage day under the theme of healthcare. In fact the castle has been used to house children with special needs. There was a display on the history of the television, not only because the television plays an important role in the education and distraction of the children, but also because one of the first television towers and transmitters in Belgium was installed in Maria-Aalter around 1957-1958.








Information on our station ON8ALT/P


WCA-REF ON-00335



Ant: Spiderbeam pole with inverted L with 8 radials

Also active on VHF/UHF on local repeaters and on D-STAR and Fusion

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