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VHF & UHF Contacts between January and June 2018

June 2018:

50Mhz Icom IC-7300 (10W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander

SSB Fieldday: sx2ima/p (kn10), sx2k (kn00), sz4krd (km09), lz9a (kn12), ik5rlp (jn52), iz5eme (jn52), iz6bxv (jn72)
CW: sm2g (???), 4o6ah (jn92)

SSB fieldday: is0bsr/p (jn40), yt2zz (kn04), ea1asc (in70), ea5ex (im98), ct2fzy (im67), yu1fwc (kn04), ea5dit (im99), ea4de (in80), eb1hrw (in71), sv7gbr (kn20),
CW: cn8kd (im63), sv1eng (km18), ea5fv (im98), eb1bsv (in71), eb7ka (im86), ct1jml (im58), ea2kb (in71), eb5yf (im99), s01ws (il46, 3015km, Western Sahara)

SSB: ea3evl (jn00), ao18fwc (im68), ea9abc (im75), ea7tr (im76), is0gga (jm49), ik0mwm (jn61), ea5byp (im98), ea1fw (in52), ct1hix (in52), ea1sa (in83)
CW: i2sva (jn45), ik0fta (jn61), ea7ah (im67), ea5fv (im98), md0cce (io74 eu-116), ea5dno (im99), ea3ku (jn00), za/og2m (???), ea3ar (jn12), ly5w (ko15), ly2j (ko14), us5we (kn29), ha0mk (kn08), ur5wa (kn29), yt1t (jn94)

SSB: ea1lc (in53), ik5aco (jn52), mm5dww (io89, eu-009), ik7lmx (jn80)
CW: ik5ekb (jn54), ik0yvv (jn62), iz8vyu (jn71)

06/06/18 CW: g3xhz (jo02)

07/06/18: CW: ik8dyd (jn71), ct1ffu (im59)

SSB: ea4bas (in80), f6eay (jn04), ct1bxt (im59), ea1dhb (in82), s52nr (in75), f2ct (in93), ea4de (in80),
CW: sv2dsj (kn10), lz430ppw (kn22), ik8biz (jn70), eb1rl (in83), iv3skb (jn66), ea4fl/p (in80), ha3hx (jn86), yo9fnp (kn23), sv2jao (kn10)

SSB: ea7rz (im86), ea5sr (im98), ec5nj (im99)

SSB: ea4ayw (in70)
CW: e73six (in92, beacon)

12/06/18 CW: ea2nn (im69)

13/06/18 SSB: ec5ac (im98)

SSB: ik5rlp (jn52), yt4zz (kn04)
CW: ik0noj (jn61), iz8fwn (jm88), iz8dvd (jm88), ha9rc (kn80)

SSB: 9h1tx (eu-023, jm75), ea4aa (im80), g8xvj/p (io91), ea7aha(im76)
CW: g8w (io90)

20/06/18 CW: e73six (in92, beacon)

SSB:f1sjx (in93), ik7eot (jn80), ik7lmx (jn80), sq9d (jo90)
CW: yo6ddf (kn26), ea5fx (im99), ha0mk(kn08), ik7eot (jn80), lz1ag (kn22), e77w (jn84), sm2ekm (kp05), oh2ma (kp31), ha7sq (jn97)
cW beacons: yo5pbg/p (kn17, 4w vert dip), hg8bvd (kn06, 10w omni), pi7six (jo21, 50w erp), e73six (in92)

SSB: sm2ekm (kp05), yl2gb (ko26)
CW: g3xhz (jo02), yo9ayn (kn24), oh7ue (kp52), sv2/rw3al (kn18), yl2jz (ko26), yu6mm (kn04), oh3rb (kp10)

SSB: ik5gok (jm53), iz0arl (jn61), f4bwj (in93), is0/hb9fap (jn41), ea3evl (jn00), 9a2pt (jn75)f1gzv (jn24)
CW: ik0noj (jn61), lz1qi (kn12), sv2rjd (kn10), yt1t (jn94), ik0fta (jn61), ea1jd (in53), f5sdd (jn23), ik1fji (jn44), lz2pl (kn23), ha7lw (jn97), is0/hb9fap (jn41), ik0yvv (jn62), 9a2ds (jn83), ha3mg (jn96)

SSB: iz8fdh (jn70)
FM: at 22.00z i heard repeater GB3UM on 50.740mhz with rst 55 in io92 (370km) input 51.240mhz with 77hz

70Mhz Icom IC-7300 (10W) halo antenna on balcony
I have mounted my halo antenna (600 mm square) from Moonraker on my wife's brush stalk on my balcony for the time being...
On the background in the pics you can see my Diamond VX2000 vertical tribander (see pics).


SSB: ea6sa (jm19), ha6zb (kn07),  heard but not worked ssb: ct1jad (im57sc)
CW: g3mxh (jo02), ea6sa (jm19)

28/06/18 SSB: ea6sa (jm19)
144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA

02/06/18 SSB Fieldday: f0fji/p (jn09), f6krk (jn18), f5kmb/p (jn19), f6hjo/p (jn26, 528km)

05/06/18 SSB:  UCAS contest, good condx, only stations with more than 300km are listed:
SSB: g4cla (io92, 355km), m0vxx/p (io82, 445km), g4kux (io94, 531km), g8pnn/p (io95, 583km), m0ghz/p (io81, 402km), g0ehv (io84, 552km), g4fev (io92, 305km), g8eem/p (io84, 519km)
Heard but not worked: gi4sna (io64xm), m0bul/p (io82oi),

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
12/06/18 SSB: UKAC g3xdy (jo02)


May 2018
Not very active this month.
Tried to activate OT70ALT on FT8 for the 70th birthday of our national society UBA, but is very difficult: the call is to long, so no locator or report is included which leads to a lot of misunderstandings....

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
11/05/18 ssb: is0bsr/im0 (eu-165, jm49), ea7gtj (im86), ea7rz (im86)
14/05/18: SSB: ea7kp (im97)
cw: cn8kd (im63), sv2jao (kn10)
18/05/18: cw: ha5ji (jn79), hg60kci (kn06)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
01/05/18 SSB:  m0bra (io91), g6rc (io91), g8cul (io91, 329km), g4cla (io92, 355km), g4irc (jo02), m0dxr/p jo01), g4jed (jo01)
09/05/18 ft8: g4gfi (io91)
13/05/18 ft8: g8gxp (io93, 446 km)
20/05/18 ssb: iaru r1 contest: g0vhf/p jo01), g8t (jo01), g3m (jo01), g3meh (io91), g5b (jo03, 325km), m0rdk/p (io91), g8bgv/p (jo01)

April 2018
144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
For FT8 only stations with a distance of more than 300km are mentionned!!!
02/04/18 ft8: g8gxp (io93, 444km), g4rra (io80, 514km), g8ekg (io92, 394km),
03/04/18 ft8: g0cer (io82, 451km)
03/04/18 ssb: g4cla (io92, 355km), g8cul (io91, 329km), m0cgl (jo03, 328km), m0dxr/p (jo01), m1mhz (io92, 316km), g4oda (io92, 307km), g6zbm (jo01), 2e0ney (io81, 396km)
06/04/18 ft8: g8ekg (io92, 394km),
07/04/18 ft8: g0cer (io82, 451km), g4dbn (io93, 414km), m0npt (io92, 376km)
08/04/18 ft8: g8ekg (io92, 394km), gw7smv (io81, 453km), g6raf (io92, 378km), g3yki (io92, 343km),
12/04/18 ft8: f6byj (jn05, 639km), f6ape (in97, 509km), g8eem (io93, 438km)
13/04/18 ft8: g8gxp (io93, 446km),
14/04/18 ft8: m1cje (io91, 366km), g8tti (io81, 388km)
15/04/18 ft8: f1iee (in99, 377km), f5zo (jn08, 311km), f8dyr (jn07, 438km)
20/04/18 ft8: g8als (io92, 374km),
21/04/18 ft8: m0vxx (io82, 437km),
29/04/18 ft8: m0npt (io92, 376km), g8gxp (io93, 446km), g4nkc (io82, 434km), g4yhf (io92, 315km), g4dcv (io91, 295km)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
19/04/18 ft8: f4hrd (jo00)


March 2018

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
03/03/18 SSB: IARU R1 contest: m0hrf/p (jo01), g4oda (io92, 307km), g8w (io90, 332km), m0cgl (jo03)
06/03/18 SSB:  UKAC contest: Impossible to make contacts due to some strange QRM, which pops up from time to time, especially if you want to participate in a contest... Did some foxhunting already, and put the trx on a battery and put electricity off, but not able to locate the origen.
11/03/18 SSB: participated in the UBA spring 2 meter contest QRP (max 10w): A lot of Belgium stations but also dk2dtf (jn49, 396km) and after the contest dl8dau (jo40, 406km) with my 5el lpda on my other balcony in direction NE
11/03/18 ft8: g8eop (io93, 448km)
25/03/18 ft8: m0iep (io91, 372km)
27/03/18 ft8: m0ggo (jo01), g4dbw (jo01), g4fkk (io91)
28/03/18 ft8: g4kux (io94, 534km), m0wgf (jo01), g4gfi (io91), g8ekg (io92, 394km), g8gxp (io93, 444km), g6tus (jo02)
29/03/18 ft8: g8als (io92, 374km)
30/03/18 ft8: m0how (jo00), g8tti (io81, 388km),
31/03/18 ft8: g4nkc ((io82, 434km)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
13/03/18 SSB: UKAC contest: g4cla (io92, 355km), g4oda (io92, 307km), g7lrq (io91, 274km)

February 2018
144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
06/02/18 SSB: g8cul (io91, 329km), g4ztr (io01), m0dxr/p (jo01), g4rc (io91), g4cla (io92, 355km), g3wzt (io91, 262km)
heard, but couldn't work g3meh (io91), m0ghz (io81), g4rul/p (jo00), m1mhz (io92), m0bra (io91), g0gjv (io91), g7lrq (io91)
22/02/18 FT8: First tests with FT8. I was heard by ,amongst others, oz1bef (jo46, 678km, -24db), g4rra (io80, 514km -17db), m0npt (io92, 376km -24db) and g8tti (io81 388km -9db) using 10 watts and 5 el lpda.


432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
13/02/18 SSB: g4cla (io92, 355km), g3xdy (jo02), g7lrq (io91, 274km), g4oda (io92, 307km)


January 2018
I came across the QRZ page of OE1HHB:
Just another great example of what can be done with antennas on the balcony of an appartement! including VHF & UHF...

I looked to BBC TV’s Great British Railway Journeys, on cable television, showing  Michael Portillo, with a team led by Noel Matthews G8GTZ and Brian Coleman G4NNS, using 5.6 GHz amateur radio to bounce a signal off the surface of the moon on friday January 12. Good publicity for hamradio!
A 3 minute videoclip can be found here:
(We outside of the UK cannot see the whole program on the BBC website...)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
02/01/18 SSB: UCAS contest, worked m0dxr/p (jo01), g4irc (jo02), g4ztr (jo01), g4oda (io92, 307km), m0cgl (jo03, 328km),
I heard, but was unable to work g3ydy (jo01), m0bra (io91), m1mhz (io92),
25/01/18 EME: I received my first station I2FAK (JN45) on JT65B , at -29db, with the 5el lpda on the tripod on my balcony pointing to the moon manually...


432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
09/01/18 SSB: g4oda (io92, 307km), m0sat (io91), g7lrq (io91), g4cla (io92, 355km), m1mhz (io92, 316km), m0ghzio81, (396km)


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