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VHF & UHF Contacts between January and June 2017

April 2017

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
04/04/17 SSB: g4rul/p (jo00), g4fev (io92), g8cul (io91), m0vxx/p (io82, 445km), g0gda (jo01), g4jed/p jo01), g4cla (io92), m0dxr/p (jo01), g7ull (jo01), m1geo (jo02), g5bbl/p (io81, 465km), m0cgl (jo03), 2e0ney (io81, 396km), m0gav/p (io93, 424km) ...nice condx! 

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
11/04/17 SSB: g4cla (io92, 335km), g0jjg (jo02), g7lrq (io91), g0gqt (jo01), m0sat (io91), m0ghz (io81, 396km), g3pye/p (jo02), g4rul/p jo00)

March 2017

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
04/03/17 iaru r1 SSB: g8t (jo01), g3m (jo01), g3ckr/p (io92, 391km), g0jjg (jo02), f6hpp/p (jn19) CW: g8w (io90, 332km)
05/03/17 iaru r1 SSB: dp5g (jo30), dl0ln (jo31) CW: dl2ard (jo50, 567km), dl6iak (jn49, 415km), dl0mu (jo32), dr3a (jn49, 370km), dr1h (jn59, 572km), da0ff (jo40, 462km), dl4vaj (jn39, 327km)
07/03/17 CW: g3ydy (jo01), g0gqt (jo01), g4nbs (jo02)
12/03/17 SSB: On that day we had the Belgain UBA Spring 144Mhz contest, I heard well know vhf-dxer dk1fg (jn59, look to his qrz page!) near Nurnberg, I worked on5vu (jo30ap, 188km) and f0fig (jo10je, 253km)


432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
14/03/17 SSB: g3xdy (jo02), g4rul/p (jo00, 226km), g4czp/p (io90, 332km), g4nbs (jo02, 267km), g4cla (io92, 355km), g0gqt (jo01, 205km) CW: g0jjg (jo02)

February 2017


144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
07/02/17 SSB:  g3pye/p (jo02), g4fev (io92), g4cla (io92), g0gda (jo01), g0gqt (jo01), m0bra (io91), g4ztr (jo01), g7ull (jo01), m0dxr/p (jo01)


432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
14/02/17 SSB: g4cla (io92), g4nbs (jo02), g3xdy (jo02)

January 2017


144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
03/01/17 SSB:  g4ztr (jo01), g3pye/p (jo02), g0xdi (io91), g4irc (jo02), m0dxr/p (jo01), g4jed/p (jo01), g0gqt (jo01), g7ull (jo01), g0vve (io91), g4cla (io92)
25/01/17: g4swx (jo02)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
10/01/17 SSB: g3xdy (jo02), g4cla (io92), g4nbs (jo02)g0jjg (jo02)


May 2017

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
06/05/17 WSPR (with 37dbm=5watts):
hearing f4guk near Paris (jn18, 263km, 33dbm=2w, -24db)
17/05/17 WSPR (with 37dbm=5watts):
hearing 2e0vds (jo02al, 37dbm=5watts, -17 to -21db)
22/05/17 CW:
oh6ow (kp03), dm2ekm (kp05)
23/05/17 WSPR (with 37dbm=5watts):
Hearing: 2E0VDS (jo02al, 37dbm=5w, -8 -22db), DL4EAI (jo31je, 43dbm=20w, -16 -25db), PA3EGH (jo21qx, 33dbm=2w, -16 -21db), PA7DA (jo22ff, 43dbm=20w, -18 -22db), PA7GMU (jo22oc, 37dbm=5w, -22 -25db)
Heard by: 2E0VDS (jo02al), G8XUL (jo01qx), OH3LMN (kp21uw), ON0VA, ON5KQ, OY1OF (ip62oa), PA3EGH (jo21qx), PA7DA (jo22ff), UA1019SWL (???)

23/05/17 JT65 (with 37dbm=5watts)
first jt65-contact with g0mbl (jo01)
24/05/17 JT65 (with 37dbm=5watts)
m0ggo (jo01), ly3bra (ko14), sm7mbh (jo75), es2ipa (ko29), es1ja (ko29), g3ydy (jo01)
27/05/17 JT65 (with 37dbm=5watts)
on6na (jo11), ea7ah (im67)
28/05/17 JT65 (with 37dbm=5watts)
of5o (kp30), oh4ss (kp20)
30/05/17 JT65 (with 37dbm=5watts)
Stations in southern Europe worked JA, HL,... Meanwhile i was able to work 9a6iv (jn95), e73dn (jn93), sv7cud/qrp (kn11), sa2kng (kp03), sm3iek (jp73)
31/05/17 JT65 (with 37dbm=5watts)
lz1jz (kn22)

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
02/05/17 SSB: g4cla (io92, 355km), g0gjv (io91, 298km)g4pvm (jo01)
17/05/17 WSPR (with 37dbm=5watts)
heard by g8tti (io81wm)
23/05/17 WSPR (with 37dbm=5watts)
hearing f6dha (jn19, 47dbm=50w, 222km, -16 -23db)


June 2017

What a month! a lot of activity on 50Mhz including JT65!

50Mhz Icom IC-703 (10W, JT65 with 5w) Diamond V2000 vertical tribander
01/06/17 SSB: is0bsr/p (jm49), iq8om (jn70)
cw: e77aw(jn83), ic8cqf (eu-031, jn70), iv3skb (jn66), e72md (jn94), om0cs (kn09), hg2dx (kn06), sv2jao (kn10)
02/06/17 cw: lz2wo (kn23), z31na (kn01), ik7fpu (jn71), 4x4six ( beacon, km71), ik0yvv (jn62), i5ecw (jn53), ha8ek (kn06), sv3bsf/b ( beacon, km08), ik8eve (jn71), ux2sb (kn28), ur5wa (kn29)
03/06/17 cw: ct1bqh (im59)
04/06/17 cw: ea5ub (jm08), ea5dno (jm09,
ssb: ea5dm (im98), ea1byc (in70), ut1fg/mm (heard, im86), so5s (ko02), s57ac (jn76), so8fh (ko80), 5b4aif (as-004, km64), ly1r (ko14), 7s9at (jo88), es2ipa (ko29), oh0/dl1fdh/p (eu-002, jp90),
cw: 9a9k (jn85), uw3e/p (ko31), og55w (kp20), oh2kw (kp20), em25b (kn29), ur5wa (kn29), us8ua (kn59), ut3ua (ko50), lz2pl (kn23), yo4fzx (kn45), 9a2ds (jn83), ea5dz(im98), sv2/rw3al (kn10), oh3nlp (kp11)
05/06/17 ssb: ec1ap (in73), lz2hm (kn12), oh5lk (kp30), oh4ss (kp20), sm2ekm (kp05),
cw: oh3ex (kp20), lz1zp (kn22), oh3rb (kp10), gm0ewx (isl of Skye, eu-008, io67), mm0gpz (io75)
jt65: og2z (kp11), yo3gnf (kn34), sm0nkz (jo99)
06/06/17 jt65: uy1hy (ko60), ux4ua (ko50), sm0eui (jo99)
ssb: sp9/dj7zo (jn99)
cw: sm0fpr (jo99), of0rj (kp00), sm5lne jo89)
09/06/17 cw: ha9rc (kn80), 5b4alx (as-004, km64), e73r (jn94)
10/06/17 jt65: g3vir (jo01)
11/06/17 cw: e74do (jn95), om7lw (jn98), ik0ftt (???), s58bp (jn76)
jt65: yu9mba (kn03), lz2fp (kn13), lz1vdr (kn12)
12/06/17 jt65: f5imv (jn03), ea3cs (jn11)
14/06/17 jt65: ct1ilt (in50)
15/06/17 jt65: ok2jnb (jn89), yo8dha (kn36), ok2wmc jn99), ux2sb (kn28), yo3apj (kn34)
ssb: iz7flp (jn80)
cw: ik7xja (jn90), ik7mxb (jn80), ha9pp (kn07), ha0nar (kn07), ha5ji (jn97)
16/06/17 jt65: es6do (ko27), es1acs (ko29), yl2gjx (ko26)
cw: sa5a (jp80), es9nw (ko18)
17/06/17 jt65: sp5jp (ko02)
cw: yt1z (kn13), yu1vg (kn04), mm0t (io75), yu7zx (kn05), yt0a (kn04), z37cxy (kn02), yu3eea (jn93), e7tt (jn92), yt5w (kn04)
18/06/17 jt65: ct1bxt (im59),
cw: sm6dhu (jo67), sm5kqs (jo88), la7dha (jo59), yl2vw (ko26), sm6ewb (jo68), ux1ua (ko50), sp2gub (jo84), la8hga (jo58), ct1ilt (in50), la/dk2bj/p (jp44)
22/06/17 jt65: m0ggo (jo01), g0mbl (jo01)
25/06/17 jt65: m0nkr (jo02)
27/06/17 jt65: ur5mid (ko50)

Pics showing reception at my QTH on 50Mhz, with my vertical antenna in JT65 on the 17th and the 19th of June 2017!

144Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
03/06/17 SSB:  f6hpp/p (jn19), f5kmb/p (jn19), f6ckz/p (in99)
04/06/17 ssb: f8kth/p (jn18)
11/06/17 ssb: g8bgv/p (jo01)
18/06/17 ssb: m1dnj (jo01)

432Mhz Yeasu FT-736R (25W) + 5 el LPDA
03/06/17 SSB: f6hpp/p (jn19)
13/06/17 SSB: g8fuo (io91), g0jjg (jo02), g4fev (io92), g3xdy (jo02)

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