Hi, I'm Jef, a ham operator from JO11RC in Aalter, Belgium.

I'm active on different bands and in different modes.

About me

Who is ON8NT? and how he became a ham operator?


My activities and experiments on short wave. digital modes, WSPR, PSK31 CW...


My activities on VHF & UHF from 6 metres to 70 Centimetres. DXing with a modest setup.


Using satellites with simple antennas.

Last update:

Latest Project

08th February 2021

JS8CALL: The mode with a difference!

JS8CALL by Jordan KN4CRD is not yet formally released, but now DX stations are embracing and it is fun!
“The idea with JS8Call is to take the robustness of FT8 mode and layer on a messaging and network protocol for weak signal communication on HF with a keyboard-to-keyboard interface.


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